Activists Tries to Raise Sabana Takeover Price

News about Sabana REIT

Bloomberg covers the activist fight to raise the price of Sabana REIT in its takeover by ESR REIT:

Moermann put a value of 54.5 Singapore cents apiece on Sabana shares in a cash-plus-stock deal. But when the all-stock merger with ESR-REIT was finally announced in July, each Sabana unit was implicitly judged to be worth less than 38 Singapore cents, way below the book value of 51 cents. “We’re not here to fight over who gets one more piece of salami on the pizza,” said Adrian Chui, chief executive officer of ESR-REIT. “We want the pizza to become bigger.”

Sabana REIT
Price0.360 SGD
NAV0.520 SGD
Yield (4 quarters)7.67%